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Laser Hair Removal

Small Sections:
Chin, Sideburns, Between Brows, Upper Lip, Fingers and Toes.

Medium Sections:........................................
Face, Bikini, Underarms, Shoulders, Beard, 1/2 Arms, 1/2 Back, 1/2, Chest

Large Sections:........................................
Legs, Full Chest, Full Back, Brazilian, Full Arms


IPL / Laser Photorejuvenation / Pigmentation Removal


Mole, Skin Tag, & Wart Removal





This 1 hour and 30 min treatment package includes the following steps:

1 - Rotary Brush Deep Cleansing

2 - Steam / Oxygen (ozone) Therapy

3 - Vacuum Deep Pore Extraction

4 - Microdermabrasion / Skin Resurfacing

5 - Vitamin E or C infusion by galvanic device

6 - Skin whitening & tightening by Neon / Argon High-Frequency device

7 - Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage

8 - Moisturizing and SPF 50 sunblock administration.



Mesotherapy Fat Dissolving / Body Slimming

Our Mesotherapy Fat Dissolving and Body Slimming service is a fast and safe way to get rid of excess stubborn fat in abdominal area, back, thighs, sagging arms and buttocks. Recommended number of treatment is 3 - 6 times after which you will see dramatic reduction of localized unwanted fat. Each session takes between 45 min to 1 hour that includes the following steps:


1 - Ultrasonic 40K HZ treatment for fat cell loosening and breakage in the area of treatment.



2 - Vacuum Cavitation plus RF treatment for further fat cell agitation and meltdown.





3 - Injection of approved medical grade fat dissolving drugs that are combined with different Vitamins, minerals and fat burning elements that boost up your metabolism and encourage your body to use the fat for producing energy not being dormant and stored. 


                  Mesotherapy Fat Dissolving & Body Slimming



By delivering controlled, precise cooling to the unwanted bulges, fat cells are cooled to the point of destruction and eliminated naturally through the body roughly 4 weeks later.

Each CoolContouring device holds the targeted areas between two applicators and reduces the fat cells down to just above the freezing point. This causes the cells to shrink because they can’t stand low temperatures, and roughly 4 weeks later, the fat cells are excreted.

CoolContouring treatment is gentle, with just a little tugging or pulling sensation and feeling as if you have an ice pack on your skin. There is also no need for pain medications or anesthesia, because CoolContouring allows you to resume normal life with no restrictions.