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BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care ® 

Canada's leading expert in Medical Aesthetics Technology© Training (since 2010)

Business and Trade Name:
BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care

Registered School / Corporation name:
BC Academy of Medical Spa & Skin Care Inc.


Instructors and Faculty Members: 

Dr. Dariush Honardoust, PhD., MSc., BSc.
Doctorate, CranioFacial, Faculty of Dentistry,
University of British Columbia., Canada
Post-Doctoral, Division of Surgery, University of Alberta, Canada.
MSc. in Anatomy & Cell Biology, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Pre-MSc. Medical Laboratory Technology, University of North Dakota, USA


Imane Charaf

Instructor and Supervisor
Certified Aesthetic Dermatology Technologist
Executive Director and Course Coordinator


Sara Khatami, MD.
  • International Medical Graduate.
  • Instructor of Human Anatomy, BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics
  • Faculty Member of the Canadian College of Aesthetic Dermatology
  • Medical History Collection and Advise
  • Medical Background Checking and Providing Consultation
  • Investigating Medical Contraindication of Aesthetic Medicine Clients


Luwynal Li
MB.,BS. (MD. Australia)
Medical Laser Technologist
Founder of Bioscor International Clinic Canada.
Anti-aging and Aesthetic Dermatology Consultant
Director of Bioscor Medical Laser and Aesthetic Skin care, British Columbia, Canada.


CarolAnn Kellar,
Instructor and Mentor
Senior Medical Aesthetician Technologist
Course and Curriculum Developer and Adviser
Energy Healing, Wellness and Healthy Life Style Consultant
Member of Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons


Middle East Branch of BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care , Omid Rahmani, MD, PhD
PhD, Medical University of Tehran, Member of Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine world congress (AMWC), Holder of Cosmetic Surgery Training and Certification from France and Canada, Member of American and European Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Director of Rahya Surgery and Aesthetic Beauty Clinic, Licensed Hair Transplant Surgeon in Iran.


Training Center 

Medical Aesthetics Courses training can open career opportunities for you to work at many spas and clinics throughout the country and internationally. Our program in Greater Vancouver gives you a well-rounded education, providing you with the skills you need and practical experience using those skills.

Our objective here, at the BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics is to provide individuals with training in both basic and advanced non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic theory and practical techniques. 

Our training will include health and safety practices, professionalism in the workplace, and client consultation skills to prepare you for employment after graduation. BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics gives you personalized attention and assistance from enrolment to graduation, creating a supportive and comprehensive learning environment for you.

For the training of our students our approach is unique when compared with the plethora of clinics and corporations now offering training in Medical Aesthetics. Our training programs are structured to offer students a 100% hands-on experience. This is accomplished by finishing the didactic components of the courses. Students will have adequate time to review and absorb the material at a time and at a pace that is comfortable for them. 

Our students quickly become confident and competent with the treatments so they can focus on the artistic and creative aspects of this type of practice. There is a high demand for the courses we offer. In order to accommodate all schedules we offer several sessions throughout the year. Class sizes are kept to a minimum, to ensure that each student receives the necessary specialized attention and instruction.