BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care 

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Certified Medical Aesthetics Technician (MAT) program is a registered and copyrighted program by the BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care. It includes study of several aesthetic procedures with medical approach to vitalize aged facial skin and to reduce / remove skin imperfections effectively and safely.  Students will learn how to apply different approved devices and techniques including Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Advanced Facial and microdermabrasion, ND-YAG Laser and IPL for hair removal, tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, and  superficial spider veins and capillaries and Acne lesions.

* Anatomy of Human Skin
* Advance Facial Treatment:
* Skin cleansing and disinfection
* Facial Ozone Steaming 
* Vacuum Facial Pores Extraction
* Microdermabrasion
* Argon / Neon Gas Electrodes High-frequency
* Ion Galvanic Facial Trans-dermal Vit. / Serum Infusion
* Microneedling
* Dermaplaning
* Laser and IPL for Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation
* Laser Pigmentation and Tattoo removal

Program Information:

Fee: $3995.00 Including GST and books.

Certificate: Medical Aesthetics Technician certificate will be granted to students upon satisfactory completion of theory and hands on sessions and writing related exams.

Next available Sessions:

February 1-7, 2021 (10AM - 4PM) X Filled

March 1-7, 2021 (10AM - 4PM) /Open

April 1-7, 2021 (10AM - 4PM) /

May 1-7, 2021 (10AM - 4PM) /

June 4-10, 2021 (10AM - 4PM) /