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I would like to say that this was my awesome experience. I love what I learned just because of Dr. Dariush. He is really a good man and best teacher ever. I got very positive energy from him. Now I can also say this is the best course I have ever taken. Mandeep Sandhu

I really enjoyed this class. I learned so many new things that I can't wait to to apply in the near future. You are very knowledgeable and a great instructor.  Everything was easily understood. Shanel Ruscheinsky

Several hands on training. Small group size is good. Teaching is very focused. Kind + well educated instructors. Having a privilege to get good treatments for the students too.  Mary Grace Camarillo
I am so glad that I chose BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics and Skin Care to learn new skills. It was a good choice. I would love to tell everyone that as an international student so proud of Dr. Honardoust. Wish you and the Academy the best. Wassan Al-sammarraie.
I enjoyed the training. It was very informative and hands on was great. Loved the teacher as well as the assistant. Mikayla Hunter.

I enjoyed the course. It was a good balance of theory and hands-on training. Thank you. Laura Larson.

I am happy with everything so far. I think the other students should all be respectful of eachothers time, the trainers time, so we can maximize our learning as we are here to start promptly each day. The training is comprehensive and hands on from day 1, which is great. Kristen Sarabin.
Great (Medical Aesthetics Technician) program. Awesome teacher. Fun hands-on training. Very informative. Corey Dennis
Attended PDO Facial Lift Training. Very good course, with lots hands-on practice with excellent direction. Very informative, very nice setting. Thank you. Nafey Hammoud
I have learnt a lot of useful information only in a short period of time. It was the most effective learning I have ever had. Thank you so much for your great teaching and preparing us to go out there and start something new that could change our life to a higher professional level. Thank you! Flora Madani.

Thank you for the great course. The delivery of the course met my expectation. Great instructor. Loves what he does. The course was delivered in depth and the instructor was so experienced. Very patient and attentive to details. Great classmates. Daisy Sanjase.

The training was clear and detailed. I liked the style of teaching. Class was held in a very professional manner. A lot of information was covered. Thank you. Afsaneh Farmani.
I feel confident doing the procedures and feel satisfied with the theory content. I feel there is more to learn from seeing a variety of clients. I liked having instructions from 2 instructors giving me more ways to consider how to do treatments. Thank you for the snacks!. Carolyne Sutherland.
I really enjoyed this course and learnt a lot from it. I appreciate how kind and supportive the teachers and classmates are. Nurain Devji
I loved this course! The instructors are super friendly and very helpful. I was so excited after the first day of training as we were able to work with the laser machines so quickly. that i felt very confident very early on. I also like the small class size as we all got to have multiple turns working with and receiving laser treatments. I will recommend this course to anyone who is interested!. Stephanie Pawluk.
This course (Medical Aesthetics Technician) was fun, informative, enjoyable, and exciting. I feel as though this is the best training I have received as an adult. The instructors are honest, approachable and very kind. The material was easy to understand and presented very concisely (yet comprehensive). Dr. Honardoust is an exceptional wonderful person. Aimee Hofmann.
Loved the instructor doctor Honardoust. Such a passionate kind educator. Feel Way more confident about the IPL and Laser now.
Lisa-Anne Reichet
Absolutely loved the program. Very informative and condensed. Dr. Honardoust is incredibly caring and knowledgble and is born to teach. Will be back for more courses. Thank you Doc. Tanya Blok
Dr. Honardoust is amazing and the training course was very informative. I learnt a lot. I would highly recommend to anyone. Dana Acker
Great Programs. Will diffidently recommend to people. A lot of hands-on. Loved small class sizes. Amazing instructors. Jessica Tischer

The program is content, very interesting, a lot of knowledge in theory part was covered which was great. Instructor is great, very knowledgable. Everything was beyond my expectation about this course. Thank you so much. Olga Kovalchuk

Thank you Dr. Dariush and Dr. Sara for being amazing instructors. You two really had the answers to all of our questions. You two really know what you are talking about and were very informative throughout the course. Although it was short, it was very informative. I have learned a lot. I really like you had a small class size of 5. Thank you so much for the overall learning. I am so grateful to have chosen BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics. One day I hope to have my clinic and will definitely come back for more courses. Randeep Bal

I think the material and information that this course provided is comprehensive and useful. The instructor, Dr. Dariush explains the contents and each type of Laser system clearly. Now I understand most types of Lasers / IPL on the market better. I have learnt a lot from this course and gained more practical experience from the class. It is very helpful for my future career. Wei Lau

Very intelligent and pleasant instructors. Very easy access to ask them questions. Very satisfactory answers. They thought us theory and practices which was very helpful to understand the whole course. Very beneficial course. My experience is great. We had very much fun time attending the class. Rupinder Singh

Very appreciate that a wide range knowledge I learned from this class. Teacher is very professional and very nice. Many thanks for your teaching. Hong Yang Song

The instructor (Dr. Honardoust) was very informative. He explained everything in an organized and efficient way. An amazing Experience.

Sylvia Gregory

The instructor is knowledgeable. He explained every single course outline in theory and practice sessions very well in depth. Loved the course. This is my 2nd time took training with Dr. Honardoust. I will definitely consider taking more different courses at the BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics and Skin Care. Thanks very much Dr. Honar.  Jamie Yin

I am so happy with the course and I will come back for another one or more. Instructor is excellent and professional and the clinic is very nice. I felt very comfortable. Thank you. Maria Carolina Rieffolo

The course was very organized and informative with a very knowledgeable instructor and lots of hands-on practice on volunteer clients. Thank you very much. Salam Ketabi.
This course is very knowledgeable and the way of instructor to explain everything is excellent and to right to the point. It was a very good experience. Really good stuff and instructor. We got so much knowledge about skin care and laser technology. Harpreet and Harmanjot Sran
Very through and detailed explanation of the subject matter. Instructor was very knowledgeable and able to explain the concepts with simple examples and clarity. My experience from the course was very good. I would definitely take more classes here. Sheona Scott
I took the Aesthetic Dermatology Technician Course. I feel very fortunate that I was able to study in Dr. Dariush Honardoust training class. He is very professional doctor. He explained and patiently taught. He corrected every mistake I made during the hands-on training and made me confident to be a qualified therapist. Yu Chen

Dr. Daruish Honardoust is very knowledgeable. I liked the way he was patient and answered all of our questions. He made the course enjoyable overall and I would strongly recommend this instructor to any other student. I liked how we went through theory and also had many live demos to practice on. The course has made me confident in being a certified Laser technician in the future. I would highly recommend this course and Academy. Nina Duvnjak 

I was very satisfied with the course program. Practical part of the program was what I needed to feel confident in applying laser treatment. Dr. Dariush Honardoust's practical knowledge and support helped me to build that confidence. Thank you. Ewa Stepien

A very good session of Laser / IPL knowledge summary. Real practice also gave me confidence to deal with Laser / IPL machine and communicate with patients. Thank you very much indeed for Dr. Honardoust's wonderful teaching. Just hope to have more time to discuss the exam and know the correct answers. Dr. Ichigen Mori
The course was very informative. The teacher was patient and knowledgeable and the hands on experience helped me understand the procedures better. I loved the course. Lisa Christine Derbyshire
Great! Small class size. Very one on one all questions answered. Like to take another course. So nice to learn hands on.
Danielle Louise Ehmann

Overall I found the course to be excellent. Great and through and easy to understand instruction, detailed information without overload. The small group environment is great and makes it easy to ask questions and to practice. Dr. Honardoust is a great teacher. He makes the learning process enjoyable and easy to comprehend and encourage questions. I am looking forward to taking more courses! Thank you very much, I really enjoyed every minute of it. Nathalie Stowe
Dr. Honardoust,
Thank you very much for being an excellent instructor and highly knowledgeable.
Crystal Lee Fennessy

Dear Dr. Honardoust, This is to say thank you for your instruction in the Certification Training Course I attended the course. I enjoyed your approach, and feel fortunate that I was able to have such individual instruction from you. I endeavor to take other course work in the future, and will look forward to it. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you in the future. Lesley Tennant.
Great courses. Very through. I especially liked the practical experience. I would have liked more day of work on the patients and / or demos of some of the procedures we did not get to do. In class theory was excellent. Alyson Loney
I greatly appreciate all the the information I have had the opportunity to re-learn. I am very satisfied with the additional information, as well. Fantastic instruction. Stephanie Carron
Great course with reader friendly textbook. Paced perfectly to better absorb the material and not overwhelming. Great Practical experience in clinical setting with constant direction and supervision by instructor. Instructor's knowledge and expertise was reassuring and delivery of material was done in a way that allowed for discussion. Ginger Turley
Amazing instructor! Very clear teaching, great pace in class. Great text book, very easy to follow. Thank you for a great course.
Ashley Nocholas
The professor, Dr. Honardoust has a very unique way of teaching the course. He is patient with all students and acknowledge everyone's learning level. I enjoyed his real life examples for each chapter. Sabina Chand
I am thrilled with the information. It is a lot of information each day. I believe it was / is taught in the most effective way possible. Calmly and detailed. Plus it was fun and interactive. Kimberly LaCouvee
I had taken many courses before but I believe this course is very through especial. The book covers all details and last but not least Dr. Honardoust is the best instructor I have ever met. Overall course is superb. Salman Khalid
Subjects covered lots of details. I learned lots of knowledge and also collected some information about Laser / IPL machines in the class. I feel more confident about the laser market. Thank you very much. It is a great program. Vivien Lan Xu
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent !!
The information provided was great very informative. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and has very good teaching skills. Flexibility was appreciated. Pushpider Gill 

Instructor - awesome. Very knowledgeable, patient & flexible. Subjects covered excellent. Gurminder K. Hayre

It was so informative. Instructor is the best instructor I've ever had. I would have liked the course to be be 4 days. Kam Brar

I wouldn't find out weaknesses about your class. You are knowledgeable and your class is really helpful! ! Only one thing that I want to suggest is 1 hour lunch time. Wish you success. Thank you. Yun Jeong

A very kind, patient, helpful and understanding instructor. Information was very helpful and  informative. Hands on experience was excellent and comfortable model clients to work on. Excellent textbook and photos for explanation. Thank you. Lynsey Jean Miller.


It was fantastic. Much much more than I had expected. Very Knowledgeable Professor.  Sarah Nichol 
I really enjoyed participating in the IPL / Laser course. In a short time I spent in the Academy, I feel that I learned a great deal. I would like to thank you for your teaching, great training environment and generosity and hope to work with you and keep learning from you. Sepideh Rahmanian 

Dr. Honardoust is very patient, and generous. Wish there was more hands on experience to get more knowledge but totally enjoyed the course, and want to learn more. Montana Cruz