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 Aesthetic Dental Care and Teeth Whitening Technician Certificate Course

The full Aesthetic Dental Care and Teeth Whitening training course package will allow you to start up your own laser teeth whitening business and get going as soon as you have successfully completed the 2-day day course. We offer in-depth training courses formulated by Dental Professionals which enable you to become a certified Aesthetic Dental Care and Teeth Whitening Technician.

The course will cover:

- Initial Consultation
- Patient Assessment
- Identifying Gum Disease
- Identifying Staining Profiles (e.g tetracycline)
- Identifying Fillings/Crowns/Veneers/Cavities
- Navigating Consent Forms
- Identifying Unsuitable Patients
- Technical Profile of Dental Bleaching
- Overview of Dental Materials
- Safety Profiles
Teeth Whitening Techniques
- Practical Hands-On and demonstration
Teeth Whitening Protocols
- Business Development

Course Outline:
  • Types of Lights available, now and historically 
  • Type of gels and techniques in the industry 
  • Safety of teeth whitening
  • Tooth Staining Causes
  • Expectations
  • Anatomy of the Tooth
  • Recognizing dental conditions
  • Client consultation and preparation
  • Instructions on how to perform Teeth Whitening treatments on a client
  • Aftercare instructions

This course trains you to perform a quick and comfortable procedure to achieve an efficient and safe brighter and presentable teeth whitening using the latest laser technology and products. A blue light is used to trigger whitening agents into the tooth enamel enabling stains removal from the teeth. Special Gels are applied to the teeth before and after. A warm blue laser (array of LEDs) directly radiates the teeth for a certain  period of time per client. It is a safe and non-invasive treatment. At the end instruction will be given to clients to follow.

What’s included:
  • 1 X Training Manual
  • 1 X  LED
  • 5 X 16% HP teeth whitening pen
  • 5 X Cheek retractor
  • 5 X Dental Bib
  • 5 X Vitamin E swab
  • 5 X Finger Wipes
  • 2 X safety goggles
  • 5 X client consent form
  • 1 X Training certificate

  • This package is subject to changes depending on course updates

Next Available Dates:
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$1250.00 including course material, taxes and basic startup kit.