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                      Laser / IPL Technology for Skin Care

This textbook provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of how lasers and IPL devices work including the physics of lasers / IPL, techniques and mechanism of action. The most commonly used dermatology, medical and cosmetic laser machines are discussed. It has 130+ colored and pictured pages. The topics include parameters used for effective cosmetic laser procedures, photo-facial, treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, hair reduction, tattoo removal, and skin tightening and rejuvenation. Laser / IPL tissue interaction, acne treatment, skin typing, and operational safety measures are discussed in details. Discussion of the management and treatment of adverse side effects, the benefits, expected results and outcomes, and available alternative options are also presented. Focus on patient consultation, selection and education, safety and efficacy issues and important criteria for a successful treatment outcome in this textbook make it a very good source for quick reference. Author: Dr. Dariush Honardoust, 2016.

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                            Essentials of Medical Aesthetics


This textbook describes medical aesthetics with discussions of skin anatomy and physiology, methods for the treatment of skin aging and rejuvenation, and the most common skin problems and their management. Each topic gives details further with colored images to assist comprehend and appreciate the details. The book discusses diet and foods associated with skin health, skin types, and the most common skin disorders. In particular, for acne and acne rosacea, etiology, management, and treatment are described. It explains how to differentiate between various types of acne. Those who are interested in scientific information on skin-wound healing can find a comprehensive, yet concise and informative, section in this book. The etiology and types of scar formation after injury are also explained.

The book describes the biology of skin aging (including causes of aging like UV radiation and photoaging) and methods for the improvement of premature skin aging (skin

care procedures such as laser rejuvenation, medical chemical peels, and the use of antiaging products). Chemical peels—their types, the grades and different acids used, and their protocols—are discussed broadly to guide how to perform an effective peel. In addition, microdermabrasion and photo-laser and laser hair reduction are thoroughly discussed in this book.

Readers can find complete information on different types of lasers and laser physics. The most appealing areas of medical aesthetics are facial and body countering by derma fillers and Botox injection. This book gives you substantial information about Botox and dermal fillers and the techniques used to perform satisfactory corrective injections. The anatomy and physiology of muscles involved in facial expression are discussed to make you familiar and confident when injecting your clients. For instance, treatment of eyes and forehead wrinkles, frown lines, nasolabial laugh lines, and bunny lines are covered.

The most popular facial and body-countering techniques, such as nonsurgical nose jobs; cheek, chin, and lip enhancements; and nonsurgical breast augmentation and lipolysis by mesotherapy, are presented in this book. The book contains other subjects such as patient consultation and assessment, laser safety, microbiology and medical infection control for medical aesthetics, and other subjects that make this textbook a reference guide in medical aesthetics for doctors, nurses, and aestheticians.


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