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Quotes Dear Dr.Honardoust Thank you for all the assistance you have provided me during this way ,I found my confidence again stronger than before and build up my business .I appreciate the information and advice you have given .Your expertise and help have been invaluable to me during this process. Again , thank you so much. Best Regards Quotes
Dr. Maryam Hajjaran
Medical Aesthetician

Quotes Dear Dr. Honardoust Over the past six months of the Certified Medical Aesthetician program, I have learnt many skills in advanced skin care: my abilities and capacities as a Medical Aesthetician, the value of working with my peers and colleagues as we all learn from and teach each other, and what skills I need to work on in my own practice. The whole experience of learning at your academy was completely worthwile, and I am very happy with what I have gained from your supervision. Thank you. Quotes
Mary Kim
Medical Aesthetician

Quotes Before coming to Cosmetic Laser / IPL Course, I have always wondered that how I can be trained to practice safe and with high quality in a cosmetic laser clinic. It had never occurred to me that a teacher like Dr. Honardoust could really masters me in performance of a laser / IPL machine and skills. However, I have had the privilege of experiencing fun and enjoyable lessons with BC Academy of Medical Spa and Skin Care. Thank you doctor. Keep it up Quotes
Kathrin Mathewson
Laser Technician

Quotes Thanks for the great service and quality teaching. I found employment soon after my graduation. Thanks for writing a good reference letter. Quotes
Magen Sonika
Dermatology Technician